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Baltic amber pet collar

Natural protection against ticks and fleas for dogs and cats

Baltic Amber is a fossil resin naturally produced by trees that grew on earth 50 million years ago.

Its repelling mechanism is twofold:

1. By releasing terpene, an aromatic substance contained in amber, which vaporizes when heated or rubbed. Its resinous aroma is absorbed in the animal’s fur and exerts a repulsive action on insects; plants themselves produce resin in cortex lesions in order to protect from insects and fungi.

2. Amber has electrostatic properties and rubbing on the fur it saturates it with static electricity, forming a barrier that prevents insects from infesting the animal. This electrostatic effect of amber was well known to the ancient Greeks who gave the name to the mysterious stone found on the shores of the Baltic Sea – Amber in Greek means electron.

To maintain its effectiveness over time, the collar has to be washed regularly (once a month approximately) with water and soap, to remove the accumulated dirt and grease.

The collar must be worn all the time to allow terpene and the electrostatic effect to build-up in the animal’s fur. It usually takes 2 weeks of use of the collar to reach the maximum repelling effect. Its effectiveness is not altered when used in combination with other products or substances such as pesticides and spot-ons.

Please contact me for any questions.

Inserzionista: Elisabetta Wolfchorus

14,50 €

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